Man accused of setting fire to Health Ministry freed

Keith Ferrier

The man accused of setting fire to the Public Health Ministry seven years ago was set free on Tuesday after Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan deemed the prosecution’s witnesses as “not credible.”

Keith Ferrier was charged in July 2009 along with two others, Clayton Westford, 19, of Lot 7 West La Penitence, an Office Assistant at the Finance Ministry, and 21-year-old Tedenna Bagot, a porkknocker, of Lot 32 Second Street, Alexander Village, for unlawfully and maliciously setting fire to the Health Ministry’s Building on Brickdam.

Keith Ferrier
Keith Ferrier

In court, Magistrate McLennan declared that the prosecution’s witnesses were not credible, and as such, a prima facie case was not made out against the defendant.

She then dismissed all charges to the delight of Ferrier’s family members who were present in court.

The Public Health Ministry on Brickdam was completely destroyed by the fire.

Upon investigations, wanted bulletins were issued for the three men. However, Ferrier escaped and was hiding in neighbouring Venezuela.

In was only in March of this year that Ferrier was caught and charged.




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