Majority says no to snap elections – Internet poll


Pie charAn internet poll facilitated by iNews indicates that a majority of participants are not in favour of snap elections being called as a result of the current imbroglio between the government and the political opposition which has led to uncertainty about the future of the Amaila Falls Hydropower project.

Subscribers were asked whether they think that snap elections should be called after the opposition failed to support the project, which led to the company’s main investor – Sithe Global – pulling out and putting the major development initiative in limbo.

Fifty six percent of those who participated in the poll were not in favour of elections being called while 44% voted in favour.

On Friday night, President Donald Ramotar made another pitch to meet with the Opposition to discuss the project for one last time. But the main opposition party – A Partnership for National Unity – has so far responded to the President’s call with skepticism.

iNews launched the weekly internet poll to allow subscribers to indicate their position on important issues and to participate in the national debate.



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