Major shakeup expected soon at Diamond hospital

Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton

A major shakeup is expected to take place soon at the East Bank Regional Hospital following several reports in the media recently of staff allegedly being involved in certain negligent actions and not following proper administrative procedures in carrying out their duties.

As recent as today (Friday), a section of the media has reported that a patient lost his life after he allegedly received the wrong vaccination at that health facility.

Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton
Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton

Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton, has confirmed that he received reports that someone had passed away at the health facility. However, he was not in a position to state whether or not the person died due to being given the incorrect vaccination.

“Well I received a report that someone died but I’m in no position to say whether it was as a result of a wrong injection…I will be very cautious in repeating that statement but I did receive a report,” he declared.

The Minister posited that the administration at the said hospital will be restructured, as recently the frequency of negligent actions has increased.

“First of all, we needed to change the Administration because we would have recognised that it all points to the direction of the administration.”

On Tuesday, last, a mother of four was pronounced dead at the Diamond Diagnostic Centre after carrying a dead baby inside her womb for five days. The woman, Carol Suniram, of Diamond Housing Scheme, East Bank Demerara, had suffered a miscarriage on Friday and was prescribed pills by a doctor to pass out the five-month-old foetus. On Tuesday, Suniram went to the hospital to do an operation to have the foetus removed, but died while in surgery.

Also, a few days ago, stray dog had dragged the body of an already dead premature baby out into the compound which had not been disposed of properly by hospital staff.

Minister Norton had revealed that either the doctor or nurses who delivered the baby are suspected to be responsible for the improper disposal of the foetus.








  1. The System in Guyana is a JOKE! The new administration promised improvement but we are yet to see changes….Too many of the repeated mistakes are being made over and over. I have a good friend who lost his life at the GPH a year ago. He had a few extra drinks and complain for stomach pain (possibly due to not eating enough) but the doctors cut him for appendix butchering his intestines in the process (yet he never had an appendix issue). So much for making people lives better in Guyana….The government seems to implement everything they copy from NEW YORK that would result in their gains….HOW about start copying Insurance systems @ an affordable monthly payments that would help the poor people to receive proper medical attention privately when needed….The government do not want this because it is NOT a gain for them…..and the comedy continues….


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