Major flooding disaster averted at Stewartville


Catastrophic flooding along the West Coast of Demerara (WCD) was last night averted.

The main koker at the border of Stewartville and Uitvlugt villages encountered a breach as a result of the current higher than normal tides.

Residents are praising the the Guyana Sugar Corporation’s (GuySuCo) Utivlugt Estate team for quick response and minimising damages.

The residents reported that the breach was discovered sometime around 18:30h on Tuesday.

Reports are that the lower three boards of the koker’s main door was ripped out, resulting in water from the Atlantic rushing in to the mainland.

At the site, Uitvlugt Estate’s Agriculture Manager, Naresh Narine was inspecting the emergency repair works. He told this publication that when they received the report, they immediately rushed to the scene to assess the damages. GuySuCo workers were working tirelessly to install the false door so as to prevent the water from rushing on to the land and flooding the area.

The koker is maintained by GuySuCo since it is vital to their operations in the community.