Major corruption at CJIA – AFC urges investigation into Private Jet Service 

AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes.
AFC Parliamentarian, Cathy Hughes.

[] – At least one political Party has renewed calls for investigations to be carried out at Guyana’s main port of entry – the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) amid reports of fraud at the institution.

Yesterday, the Alliance for Change (AFC) demanded a full investigation into the operations of Exec Jet Club following the recent discovery of over US$600,000 of undeclared cash on one of its aircrafts; saying it provides sufficient grounds for a closer look into operations of the business.

“How long has this been going on? Where did the money come from and what was its intended usage? The operation of presidents’ airline of choice clearly needs investigating,” AFC’s Cathy Hughes told reporters.

She claimed that well-placed sources at the CJIA have disclosed that the Airport Senior Management has adopted a hands-off position when it comes to Exec Jet Club and security personnel have been instructed not to stop and search vehicles entering or leaving Jet Club hangar. In addition, there are reportedly entrances to the hangar area that are unmanned.

“Airport staff has complained about the free movement of Jet Club personnel around the airport and the almost non-existent security checks of the aircraft or its passengers,” she added.

Hughes said she was also informed that a close relative of Khamraj Lall, owner of the service who was caught with the undeclared cash on November 22 is employed by the CJIA in its Accounts Department often takes responsibility for checking Jet Club’s two aircrafts for departure and on arrival.

“On the broader issue of operations at the CJIA, the Alliance for Change will be writing the Board of Directors calling for an independent audit. The AFC was reliably informed that some $700,000 went missing and management has turned a blind eye. The money was apparently intended for a sort of petty cash fund for day-to-day maintenance at the airport but was never turned in,” she also stated.

In addition, there are reports that maintenance staff continue to be side-lined and their jobs are being given out as contracts. To this end Hughes says her Party has reason to believe that millions of dollars are being siphoned off into private purses at the CJIA and management is in cahoots with contractors to perpetuate this corruption.



  1. Cathy has done it again. She make allegations with out facts, AFC don’t understand development and how it would impact our nation. I’m yet to be told about any development plans the AFC has for Guyana. the AFC presidential/Prime Minister candidate seem to be ignorant about the various agencies and their respective function at any airport. It seem in her haste to promote herself she is making allegations to feel important and to keep her in the news. If this is the forward thinking of the AFC then we can assume that they are limited and is in need of consultants.

  2. this news media is becoming like the gutter kn n sn..thought this was different..
    just print what u r told and thats it..oh well its left up to people to decide for themselves whats truth and what the sources truth..sorry guys but this is not the way to go..

  3. Sad that AFC’s “well placed source” keep fooling them. The said the president flew to Purto rico with this service which turn out to be a lie. Imagine how unorganized this party is and they want to rule this country. Nagamootoo and his partners keep telling stories that are fictitious. I honestly feel they can win an award in fictional writing.


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