Major Anti-TIP crackdown set for next month – Broomes

20131022simona web
Simona Broomes

[] – President of the Guyana Women Miners Organization (GWMO) Simona Broomes – TIP Hero – recently informed iNews of a major anti-trafficking in persons (TIP) crackdown the body is gearing itself for next month.

“We have three locations to go into, we wouldn’t want to name them now, and so in the next month we will put together funds to get the job done” she said, adding that “we hope to receive some additional funding for this.”

She says more collaboration is needed in the fight against TIP “sometimes persons talk about collaborating; I don’t know what they really call collaboration, for me its low.”

Broomes added that there have been some improvements in the Ministry of Human Services and Social Security in this regard. She told iNews also that there are several persons who want to collaborate but finance remains a problem in this area.

“Persons want to collaborate but when we have to go into the field, they come along but at our cost and since we are not funded this is placing a strain on the organization.”

The GWMO through its TIP unit has been working to rescue persons involved and trapped in such situations in Guyana’s interior.

Broomes had received an award from the US Government for her work in TIP here.

She told iNews that currently the organization is working with two victims – one child and a drug addict – to reintegrate them into society.



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