Mainstay to incorporate agriculture and tourism


Wyaka Village (Mainstay), Region two, plans to integrate farming and tourism to generate more income for the village. Toshao of the village Joel Fredericks said the initiative is being undertaken as a Community Development Project.

The project will utilize a $5 million grant to the village provided under the Amerindian Development Fund (ADF), Guyana REDD+ Investment Fund (GRIF).

Joel Fredericks, Toshao of (Mainstay) Wyaka, Region Two
                  Joel Fredericks, Toshao of (Mainstay) Wyaka, Region Two

Fredericks explained that 11 acres of land were cleared to plant permanent crops. “We have started fruit farming because we have been involved in pineapple production and we want to start something new especially since you have to shift to different areas for cultivation when doing pineapples,” the Toshao explained.

According to Fredericks, the residents identified the project because it could increase earnings from products as well as be an attraction for visitors. He said the fruits from the farm would be used to make jams, jellies, and juices and the proceeds would go towards establishing a small guest house for tourists.

“… we want to establish an agro tourism package so when tourists come to mainstay they can have the opportunity to visit the farm, have the experience to pick a fruit you can go to the factory to see how it is processed,” Fredericks said.

According to the Toshao, work on the project has started and is moving apace.

Community Development Projects cover agricultural production and processing, village infrastructure, tourism, manufacturing, village business enterprise, and transportation, among others.

Micro-capital grants are made available through the LCDS Guyana REDD+Investment Fund for Amerindian Communities to pursue these business ventures.

The CDPs were developed through a process of Free Prior and Informed Consent.

(Ranetta LaFleur/GINA)


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