Main road from Lethem to Aishalton cuts off


It is just the beginning of the four-month long rainy season for the hinterland region, and already, the main access road for two major indigenous communities has been cut off.

Toshao of Aishalton Michael Thomas told INews that a particular location some 12 miles from his village is in a deplorable state and in dire need for emergency works.

The road connects Aishalton to Lethem.

This location has been washing away over the last two years during the rainy season, but this time around, the damage is greater.

According to the Toshao, the hole in the road is two meters deep and is wider. Additionally, the culverts have broken in half.

This damage has cut off all vehicles travelling from Lethem to Aishalton, as well as seven other surrounding villages.

The alternative route requires an additional 60 miles of driving.

As a result of this destruction, fuel supply to the communities have decreased, the Toshao said.

This is the condition of the road for the past three weeks and it is only expected to worsen, as June month is the peak of the rainy season, which lasts until August in those areas.

Toshao Thomas explained that in 2017, the village received assistance from the Regional Democratic Council (RDC) to fix the road, and last year, help was provided from the Brazilian Army which was in Guyana to drill wells in the Rupununi.

This time around, the Toshao believes assistance from central government may be required.