Mahdia youth wakes up inside store after drinking spree, charged with attempting to steal


DSC05131Twenty – year – old Jamal Gaskin of Charity, Essequibo Coast pleaded not guilty to attempting to steal. The court heard that on August 27 at

Mahdia, Gaskin attempted to commit a felony whereby he broke and entered a store owned by Sarah Moniram with the intention to steal.

Gaskin, who was not unrepresented, said that he was out drinking with some friends and all he could remember is waking up in the store.

According to the accused, he had no intention of stealing since he was under the influence of alcohol. Police prosecutor Tracemay Gittens

objected to bail on the grounds that it is a serious offence and the accused is a flight risk. Based on the information presented; the Magistrate

refused bail and Jamal Gaskin will make his next court appearance on September 06. [Royan Abrams]



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