Mahdia water woes to be resolved

GWI CEO and GWI Senior Managers examining sections of the Mahdia water supply system
GWI CEO and GWI Senior Managers examining sections of the Mahdia water supply system
GWI CEO and GWI Senior Managers examining sections of the Mahdia water supply system

[] – Chief Executive of the Guyana Water Incorporated, Dr. Van West-Charles visited the community of Mahdia, Region 8, Potaro-Siparuni last week to address the challenges being faced by the Regional Administration with regard to water supply.

A release noted that the GWI Chief Executive was accompanied by senior GWI management including Executive Director of GWI’s Infrastructure, Planning and Implementation Department (IPID), Ramchand Jailal.

During a visit to the Campbelltown community, the team from GWI observed that the community required a new electrical pump for the facility which supplied the area with water.

According to the Director of IPID, “GWI will be collaborating with the Regional Administration within the next 10 days to replace the pump. In addition, GWI will assist with the extension of the water supply mains to sections of the community in order to improve the level of service.”

It was further noted that GWI and the Regional Administration agreed to collaborate on the repair of the transmission main within the area which had signs of damage in several areas, causing low levels of service within Mahdia.

The GWI team also observed that the flow of the Salbora Creek, a key source of water within Mahdia, was below the normal level.

“There were several leaks observed along the catchment area,’ stated the Director of IPID, ‘this caused the accessible volume of water to be reduced. We will be working along with the Regional Authorities to explore solutions.”

It was noted that Dr. Van West-Charles warned of the impact of mining within the area which can cause damage to the water supply infrastructure.

“We have observed several sections of the transmission mains in areas used for mining. These mains are at risk of being damaged due to mining activities which would directly affect the water service supplied to Mahdia. Should the infrastructure be compromised due to mining, GWI will collaborate with the Regional Administration to take swift action against the parties responsible through the relevant authorities.”

Dr. Van West-Charles indicated that a team of engineers from GWI will remain in Mahdia to assess all urgent remedial works including repairs to be undertaken in the Salbora Creek area as well as works to be executed on the transmission/distribution system.

The GWI CEO also stated that GWI will appoint an officer, recommended by the Region, to provide daily operation, maintenance and management of the water supply system in Mahdia.

“The company will also commence exploring the drilling of a new well for Mahdia, with the aim of providing alternative water supply to the community including Campbelltown. GWI will also develop a long term water development plan to address all the water supply needs of Mahdia and surrounding communities in Region 8.”

GWI also plans to install a reservoir in 2016 to improve the performance of the water supply system.  



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