Mahaicony Creek farming issues to be addressed

Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during his address to the residents of Mora Point.


Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during his address to the residents of Mora Point.
Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy during his address to the residents of Mora Point.

[] – Head of State, President Donald Ramotar and Agriculture Minister, Dr. Leslie Ramsammy met with residents of Mora Point, Mahaicony Creek on Sunday at the Karamat Primary School, Mora Point.

The meeting was well attended by residents and rice farmers; President Ramotar stressed the need for cheap and reliable energy supply for millers, and for value added products.

While not narrowing the need for cheap energy to the rice industry, the President said cheap energy will do well for any country’s economy as it will attract investments.

The President however noted that the Government would remain committed toward making the Amaila Falls Hydro Project a reality.

Meanwhile Agriculture Minister Dr. Leslie Ramsammy told the farmers that the Ministry will be looking into a number of issues which have been affecting the farming community in that region.

High on the agenda for the Ministry, Dr. Ramsammy said is eliminating the issue of late payment to farmers from the millers. The Minister promised that the issue would be addressed forthwith as he is scheduled to meet with millers and bankers on Monday with the aim of working out a better system for timely payments.

He however, lauded the combined efforts of rice farmers in Region Five, as they have contributed to making history in the rice industry.

According to Dr. Ramsammy for the first crop of 2014, Guyana produced a total of 313,000 tonnes of rice. Region Five in recent years has been a star performer in the rice industry.

A section of the residents, during the meeting
A section of the residents, during the meeting

The Minister also spoke of efforts by the administration to make the rice industry more viable. Dr. Ramsammy said not only has the administration been able to find new markets for Guyana’s rice, but it is working for the right price for the product as that is equally important. The residents were told of plans for a recreational center at Mora Point.

The Guyana Rice Development Board and the Mahaica, Mahaicony, Abary Agriculture Development Authority, will undertake this project.

In addition, the President and his team visited ongoing works at a several pump stations in the region. The team visited the Mora Point pump station, and the Jagdeo and Hyde Park canals. At Jagdeo Canal a bridge is currently being built and when this is completed, one will be built across the Hyde Park canal.

The Agriculture Minister explained that currently works are being done on an access road which will go past Gordon Table. The Minister said the road is needed both on the right and left bank of the Mahaicony River.

The team also visited the Paradise Pump Station and the President and the Minister expressed their satisfaction that the works are being done in keeping with the contract.

Further the Minister said the pump for the Paradise Station is currently at a location is Strathspey, ECD, Public Road as it has been moved from its original storage location because of work ongoing at the pump station site. The team also checked on the works at the Pump station at Pine Ground.

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