Mahaica residents battling with flood aftermath


Almost two months after villages along the East Coast of Demerara (ECD) were inundated due to a breach in the sea defence, residents are still suffering.

Some are saying that the aftermath of the disastrous flood is worse than the actual incident.

In some cases, livestock are still dying, land is now barren, and there is a multiplication of mosquitoes in many communities.

The flood had hit villages between Dantzig and Fairfield after the sea defence at Dantzig gave away.

“From September 28, until November 19, we are being affected. We have lost a lot of things through the flood,” one resident of Harmony Hall told this publication.

Heaps of garbage, comprising damaged household items, decorated the backyards of many residents.

Some persons have taken up temporary residences at other locations because water still surrounds their homes.

“The water is stink, when you go in the house is all of that you taking inside. I can’t live there now; until the water go down. The water is right up to the door,” another resident explained.

Some have lost their small farms and livestock.

Poultry farmers have been reporting up to 30 per cent of dead stocks as a result of the flood.

Nalinie Gayapersaud claimed that she has lost over one hundred of her ducks and other livestock.

She said 18 of her forty-seven sheep remain alive while six of her thirty-two goats have survived.

With most of the grass killed with the saltwater, residents have been rearing their animals along the road shoulders where grass grows.

However, contractors have been weeding the grass, removing the only source of food for the animals. (By: Andrew Carmichael)