Mae’s student dies inbound to medical facility


A 6th form student attached to the Mae’s Secondary School, Third Avenue, Subryanville, Georgetown, died on her way to a Private Medical Facility on Thursday after she started to vomit profusely in her classroom.

The teenager was identified as Danica Stout.

This publication understands that the teenager was seen vomiting during the lunch recess and as such, teachers in the school were alerted.

However, the teachers took some time to decide who will take the child to the hospital since none of them reportedly wanted their vehicles to get dirty.

Eventually, the teen was placed in a vehicle and was rushed to the hospital but she reportedly died on her way.

The police were summoned to the educational facility and an investigation was launched.

It was reported that the now dead teen was part of an investigation following the discovery of ecstasy pills on the school premises sometime back.

The students were instructed to inform their parents to visit the school so that the matter could be dealt with.

Following the decision to inform the parents, the now dead teen reportedly took to social media and threatened to take her life since she did not want her parents to know about her involvement in the alleged ecstasy investigations.



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