MACORP introduces new line of tractors


Farmers across the sugar industry were on Wednesday given a firsthand experience with a new line of Case tractors, introduced by Macorp to cater for a number of industries.

Partnering with Guysuco, a practical session was conducted at the Uitvlugt Estate lands and persons from various sections of the industry capitalized on the opportunity to learn the specifics on some the best agricultural machinery.

Chief Executive Officer of Macorp, Guillermo Escarraga stated that the brand of tractors, Case has been known for reinventing its machinery over the years to keep up with what is trending.

“These are by far, the best machines that you can get. There is no other company that has such a long history as Case that demonstrates that they are in the forefront of producing the best quality products. The other reason why Case has been in the marketplace for such a long time is because they reinvent themselves,” Escarraga stated.

Case tractors are also cost effective and customers are subjected to warranty of its durability. The prices vary from $7.5M to $17M. The tractors are available in three models, depending on the type of terrain and work to be done.

The CEO further mentioned, “We are bringing to the country, a brand that is well-known here in Guyana. Everywhere we go, people remember the quality and the reliability of the Case products and this is something that makes us confident that with the introduction of this new product line, we will all benefit.”

Stakeholders at the site were interested in the introduction of the new tractors, and pledged their support towards purchasing them in the near future. Apart from the sugar industry, the machines are also capable of working in the rice sector and aiding in the construction of drains and other structures. Attachments are also available when purchasing and can be assembled if needed.

Macorp has also formed a new partnership with Goodyear to provide durable tyres for these and other machines. Goodyear is an internationally recognized brand which is sold after meeting rigorous testing and standards.


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