Macorp celebrates one year of Proving Sustainable Integrated Solutions in Port Kaituma



Macorp's Port Kaituma Branch - File Photo[] – Machinery Corporation of Guyana Limited, the sole authorised dealer for Caterpillar Machinery, celebrated their 1st anniversary of keeping the operations of miners running in Port Kaituma.

Macorp provides a total life cycle value, by offering sustainable products, engines, components, services and solutions. Their products are of exceptional quality and performance, unmatched reliability, and unparalleled support which assist our customers to move ahead.

Twelve months ago, Macorp launched the $100 million investment, with the hope of contributing to the further development of the local mining sector, as well as providing advice and solutions that adds value for users of its equipment.

“If you want mining to stay, progress and to be efficient, you must also ensure that it is done in accordance with our laws, our regulations, and also with good mining practices so an integrated solution must run the entire gamut that are concerned and connected with responsible mining,” was Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Robert Persaud’s challenge to Macorp a year ago.

“Today Macorp is saying thank you and continues to humbly provide the required product and social support to an increasing client base and developing community towards ensuring that they are successful in their business and everyday life. Customers are enjoying less downtime in the mines, easier and more affordable access to spares and access to the many integrated solutions offered under our preventative maintenance scheme which lends to the reduction of harmful mining practices. The residents are and will continue to benefit from our community enhancement projects,” a release from Macorp noted.

Their core business in Port Kaituma is Product Support and towards helping our customers to do more, Macorp is offering a discount of 5% off all Cat® Parts from November 20 – 27, 2014.


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