Machine readable passports attract more security to ensure integrity



Guyana_Passport[] – The Ministry of Home Affairs in an effort to ensure the integrity of the machine readable passports, has introduced another level of security.

The Guyana Police Force directed new applicants of the machine readable passports to ensure they walk with their birth certificates to aid in the process.

The release went on to say that the birth certificates must be issued six months prior to applying for the new machine readable passports and not any time longer than the six months.

When contacted, Senior Superintendent of Police Dale Alves told iNews that the directive on the new requirement came from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

While not being able to confirm the real reason behind the new directive, he too feels that the arrangement is to ensure the integrity of the passports when issued.

Meanwhile, asked about the instances of fake documents being presented to immigration officers at the ports of entry and the Central Immigration Office in Georgetown, Alves said that those were not an issue at the listed places.

He however confirmed to iNews that just over a month ago, a Chinese National was not allowed to enter the country after it was discovered that he flew to this part of the world on fake documents.



  1. I don’t understand why citizens have to get a new birth certificate to apply for a new passport. We need more details please! I recently had new birth certificate just over six months time I have to do my passport then within an 8 months period I would have 6 birth certificates how crazy is that?


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