Lusignan Prisoner assaulted by inmates


Marlon Bradley, 36, who was remanded to prison on an illegal gun and ammunition possession charge, was assaulted by inmates of the Lusignan Prison Holding Facility.

The assault, which was videotaped, has since surfaced and is making its round on social media.

Prison Director (ag) Gladwin Samuels said it occurred on August 8 and so far one inmate has been questioned in connection to incident.

In the video, Bradley was begging his attackers to stop as they held him against his will and cut off his hair. The inmates were in possession of contraband items like blades and scissors.

Bradley was wanted in connection to the murder of Reginald Atherley (Diesel Boss) who was gunned down during a robbery at his Guyhoc Park home. He was recently shot by police officers at the Stabroek Market Square after he resisted arrest.

The Prison Director explained that Bradley has since been relocated to the Lusignan Prison. However, he is unable to identify any of the culprits as they were wearing masks.

Nonetheless, by voice recognition, one suspect was identified by prison staff and he was questioned.

However, the inmate has not provided any information.