UPDATE: Lusignan man dies at hospital after being taken from Sparendaam lock-ups in unconscious state

Dead: Kallicharran Sawack
Dead: Kallicharran Sawack

A Lusignan, East Coast Demerara (ECD) man, who was arrested in an intoxicated state and taken to the Sparendaam Police Station lock-ups two Mondays ago facing allegations of damage to property, succumbed on Monday night at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) after he was rushed to the medical institution in an unconscious state.

Dead is Kallicharran Sawack, who was arrested at his parents’ Lusignan home where he was said to be behaving disorderly on the day of his arrest.

INews was told that the Police were called to the home, where they took Sawack into custody.

However, the reportedly intoxicated man started to hurt himself by allegedly banging his head on the cell door and walls which prompted Officers to place him in a cell alone.

The man however continued his actions of hurting himself which resulted in him receiving serious injuries.

He was rushed to the hospital where he was admitted as a patient but died at around 19:45h on Monday.

A post mortem examination is expected to be conducted on Wednesday.

The Office of Professional Responsibility is said to be conducting a thorough investigation into the matter after the relatives of the dead man complained of the sudden deterioration of the man’s health a few days ago.

Meanwhile, according to the now dead man’s mother her daughter took food for him in the station on Sunday and she was not allowed to see him.

The mother said that her daughter was told to leave the food because it was too early and they would give him the food, however on Monday when he was expected to turn up for Court, they learnt that he was hospitalized.

She said she was told he was critical and immediately rushed to the hospital where she saw her son bleeding from his eyes, among other places.

While still in shock the woman said she learnt that her son was hitting his head while in the lockups.

She explained that the man was placed in a separate cell after he and other inmates got into an argument.

She is however contending that her son is not mad and would never have done such a thing.



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