Luncheon calls out gov’t on “uncertainty” clouding Guyana

Cabinet Secretary: Dr. Roger Luncheon
 Dr. Roger Luncheon.
Dr. Roger Luncheon.

[] – Former Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon says that the air of uncertainty created by the APNU + AFC government is not doing well for Guyana and the government should make its policies on issues pellucid.

Dr Luncheon made the remarks at a press conference at Freedom House on Saturday, July 18, where he criticized the government over the current state of affairs in Guyana.

According to Dr Luncheon, should the government make its stance on certain issues known then the citizenry would best know how to proceed with investments.

“Information is not being provided where it is needed, I don’t know if it is deliberate or not but it contributes to the uncertainties that prevail,” he said.

Pointing to the $10,000 cash grant as an example, he said that many parents are uncertain whether or not they will be receiving these monies and it has caused some amount of discomfort to them.

He also made a nexus to the instances where persons were sent on leave by the administration. The last person sent on leave is the head of the E Governance Project, Alexei Ramotar, the son of former President Donald Ramotar.

According to Dr Luncheon, it would appear as though supporters of the People’s Progressive Party are being made targets.

“The government is cutting off its nose to spoil its face as it pursues this approach to dispense with the services of government employees based on perception that these are PPP people,” Dr Luncheon explained.

He further noted that there is a “creeping dictatorship” which the Guyanese people experience every day, referring to “authoritarianism” by the David Granger led administration.

“This is bothersome, this is worrisome because it smacks of Burnhamism and this is how it started here executive power has decided to trifle with custom practice law and custom,” Dr Luncheon said.





  1. Emile, were it true that there was a ‘phenomenal role of the informal drug fuelled economy” under the previous government have you considered how come the economy hasn’t shifted under the new regime ? None of these “businesses” have shut shop ? Before expressing those sentiments and continually voicing those perceptions as if it were reality it would be best to observe who has closed shop, who has be caught so far… short of doing that you can be lumped into the same category of the “love sponge” and “Hawkeye” of which you are not ….. your biasness does come out but you are above the fray …

  2. Sorry my friend but i want him to live long so that he can see a proper government at work and atone for his evil ways.

  3. Dr . Luncheon, how stupid are you?? the PPP used you up then discarded you , MUST YOU CONTINUE to have your head so far up your a** that you cannot see that your good life is over,. I suggest you wake up and smell the coffee. Unfortunately you have to take your head out of your butt first.

  4. You are without shame Mr. Luncheon, you have the gall to make such statements after sitting on your arse for decades doing absolutely nothing for the people of Guyana. 23 years, your Party raped, robbed, and conned the citizens. 23 years of running the country down, and having it recorded as the 3rd poorest in the world, you should be apologizing to the Nation for your lack of leadership. My prayer is, that Roger Khan is not the end of arrests made for the gun running, drug smuggling, and murders committed on your watch, it will be a beautiful thing to see yourself, Jagdeo, Ramotar, Nandlall, Rohee and all the others, including Policemen that were involved, stand in a court of law and be sentenced to life!

  5. I have a question for Dr. Luncheon. Which “creeping dictatorship” will pass constitution reforms to make the constitution bodies independent and autonomous? I think that the reverse is true. If you want a dictatorship, you would consolidate all the power in the OP and cabinet.

  6. If there is a cloud of uncertainty, it has to do with the apparent curtailing of the nexus between cocaine smuggling and traditional businesses. Luncheon will not come out and say it, but the role of the drug-fueled informal economy during the PPP era was phenomenal. We are now likely to get a more accurate but uncomfortable picture of the true state of the economy, which the PPP previously covered up by saying everything is rosy on the economy.

  7. Guyana Politicians And Dictatorial Traits.

    Guyanese politicians generally, have a political tendency/history acquired after Independence to be Dictatorial. This was evident in ALL past political administrations in power.

    I guess when you emerge from a colonial past, you tend to co-opt some of the same arbitrary traits of your predecessors.

    I am not condoning dictatorship by any means. But the commonweal MUST be vigilant and voice any signs of Dictatorship, Cronyism, and Un-Democratic policies whenever they occur from the state.

  8. Lunch man, why don’t stay home and shut that opening in your face? When the criminal ppp was in power, they rode rough shod over everybody, especially black people, you did’nt say nothing. What I can say to though, is fuck off. You’re a disgrace to black people, I hope that you die quickly and give we an ease.

  9. Dr Luncheon. Should shut up,he is blinded by ignorance, and the good life he had when in power.


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