Lower Pomeroon farmers flooded since Sunday…call on Gov’t for assistance

Residential and farm lands were under water at Lower Pomeroon

By: Indrawattie Natram

A breach at the side dam of Grant Canaan Lower, Pomeroon, Region 2 (Pomeroon/Supenaam), has caused several large-crop farmers to suffer tremendous loses as their farmlands are now inundated with knee-high water since Sunday due to high tides.

The flooding was reported to Region 2 Administration and a team led by Regional Executive Officer (REO) Rupert Hopkinson, had visited the area to make assessments. However, the residents highlighted that the breach is still not sealed, as such persons are suffering since the floods are affecting their livelihood.

Residential and farm lands were under water at Lower Pomeroon
Residential and farm lands were under water at Lower Pomeroon

According to one farmer, Joan Peters from Grant Canaan, the area has been flooded since Sunday and water is not receding. She could not estimate her loses financially but said her entire farmland was destroyed. She related that she had three acres of suckers, two of sweet cassava, pepper, water melon and bora, all in their reaping stage. She said she is still amazed at the level of water that came during the spring tide.

Peters reported that many kokers (sluices), dams and other drainage ports have been broken with excessive high tides. She said farmers in that area are distressed since they don’t know where and how they would restart after losing so much.

Another severely affected farmer Gavin Garraway, lost all his fruit trees laden with fruits and over 100 poultry in his pen. Garraway said his estimated losses are in the millions. He too is uncertain as to a way forward.

Reports are that in other places such as Aberdeen; the sluices are malfunctioning and this is compounded by generally poor drainage in the area.

Along with affected farmers, residents have lost many household items due to the flooding. When asked if the flooding could have been avoided, residents related that they are living close to the estuary but if the area had proper drainage and irrigation then most of the farmers, lands could have been saved.

Many persons in the flooded areas have complained of pains and skin rashes as they are forced to spend long hours in the water. They are calling for immediate intervention from Central Government to deploy machinery as well as resources to assist in the sealing the breach. The Region 2 administration, they feel, are lacking the essential resources to fix the breach. (Guyana Times)




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