Lowenfield’s ‘fraudulent report’ should be discarded – FITUG

Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield

The Federation of Independent Trade Unions (FITUG), a major trade unions umbrella body, has expressed concern over the most recent report submitted by the Chief Elections Officer Keith Lowenfield, whereby he disregarded over 100,000 votes without any explanation.

According to FITUG, Lowenfield’s report “belongs at the Haags Bosch dumpsite”.

See full statement from FITUG:

The ongoing 2020 Election saga has reached yet another obstacle as the naked attempts to thwart the will of the people pervades. The newest obstacle revolves around the report submitted by the Chief Elections Officer (CEO), Mr Keith Lowenfield where he has taken it upon himself, without any explanation, to throw away the votes of 115,000 Guyanese. The record-speed in which Mr Lowenfield submitted his report, in our view, demonstrates his active participation in seeking to undermine our democracy. His actions have only further cemented the strongly held view regarding the partiality of the Secretariat of the Elections Commission.

We of the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Guyana (FITUG), like many Guyanese, have grown even more upset by the ongoing shenanigans seemingly at the behest of the incumbent Administration to perpetuate its grip on power. In as much as we recognize that Mr Lowenfield’s report cannot be considered pending hearings at the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ), we contend that his report should be rejected outright. His report, we believe, belongs at the Haags Bosch dumpsite along with his previous attempt to disenfranchise some 275,000 voters as well as the two (2) declarations made by Mr Clairmont Mingo.

The results of the valid vote count which emanated out of the National Recount is already known and these sordid attempts by compromised individuals cannot and will not change that reality. It begs the question, where the self-righteous Coalition is really intent on taking us. It is really to take our country down the road of undemocratic rule once again? This, if so, is most saddening and the fact that these attempts are supported by individuals who were once part of the bulwark of the struggles for democracy is most disturbing. Indeed as the days go by, the masks are falling off and the truth is being revealed.

This, however, is not the time for despair but a time for renewed struggles and a time to push back against the now-a-day tyrants who only have their self-interest at heart. We, at this time, call on the Elections Commission and all Guyanese not even to pay heed to this latest attempt to thwart the will of our people. The truth is known and it will eventually set us free. There is only one credible and acceptable result and in this 21st Century the intrigues of those who wish to undermine our democracy will be roundly defeated and the master-minds, like those before, will live on now and in history in total ignominy.