Lone gunman terrorises, robs C.I family


A lone gunman this morning terrorised and robbed a Corneila Ida, West Coast Demerara family of more than $800,000 in cash and other valuables. He also made escaped with a vehicle belonging to the family.

Jenny Bacchus, 42, said that she and her 12-year-old daughter were at home when a tall fair-skinned guy barged into the house. At the time the woman was on the telephone with a cousin.

She became afraid and dropped the phone. She was them told by the perpetrator that if she complied with his demands, he would not hurt her but at the same time began them up with the phone cable.

The woman explained that as they lied on the floor, she tried to get a look at the man but could not see his face since he was wearing a cap pulled down in his face.

In the midst of searching the home, Bacchus’ cousin turned up at the house to see what was happening since he heard screams while talking to Bacchus.

He too was tied up and relieved of his cellular phone and the jewellery that he was wearing.

The man escaped with Bacchus’ cousin’s car, a Toyota 212, which was later recovered in the vicinity of the Den Amstel Police Station. A report was made to the Leonora Police Station and an investigation was launched.


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