Logger’s swollen body retrieved from Pomeroon River


The Pomeroon river which has dangerous Piranhas.[www.inewsguyana.com] – A logger who has been identified as 64 – year – old James George is believed to have drowned in the Pomeroon River, Region Two (2).

According to reports, George was seen at the busy Monday market at Charity consuming alcohol with friends but did not return home on Monday night. As a result, relatives who became worried reported that he was missing at the Charity Police station.

Consequently, police ranks launched a search for the missing man. His swollen body was not found until Wednesday, December 10 at St. Monica in the Pomeroon River which is said to be some 65 miles away.

Police, who rushed to the scene, collected the body and transported it to the Charity hospital mortuary. A postmortem examination is expected to be performed to determine the cause of death. Police investigation is ongoing.




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