Local UK envoy wants Presidential debates; commends GECOM & MMU

President Donald Ramotar and Opposition Leader, David Granger

By Tracey Khan – Drakes

, British High Commissioner, James Gregory Quinn. [iNews' Photo]
, British High Commissioner, James Gregory Quinn. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – The United Kingdom envoy in Guyana is calling for the Presidential debate, regardless if there is a Prime Ministerial debate. During a meeting with members of the local media fraternity, British High Commissioner, James Gregory Quinn explained that the benefits are tremendous for both of the major political parties if the debate is undertaken.

He said it will help the key players in the upcoming May 11 general and regional elections share its plans if it is elected to office.

“This is for both Presidential Candidates to lay out to the people why they should vote for them and I know there have been questions about whether or not there should be a Prime Ministerial debate as well and I think our view is very clear, the Presidential Debate should go ahead regardless and that is huge value for everybody, both the Parties and the population in having that debate take place.”

This led him to another point of fair access to media by political parties in an effort to educate the masses on their plans which will in turn lead to the holding of free and fair elections.

“It is in everybody’s interest, since they all agree that what we want to see is a free and fair election…and one of the ways in which you could do that is to ensure everybody gets the information…and one way to do that is equal access to media,” the UK High Commissioner said.

President Donald Ramotar and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.
President Donald Ramotar and Leader of the Opposition, David Granger.

The major priority of the current UK High Commissioner is the peaceful conduct of the upcoming elections and the transition process.

“The fundamental thing for us here is to ensure the elections are free, fair transparent and accurately represent the views of the electorate in this country. So at the end of the day people can stand up and feel that they have had the opportunity to cast their vote for the person they wanted to vote for, without any hindrance.”

Meanwhile, the Media Monitoring Unit (MMU) and Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) came in for high commendations from the newly appointed High Commissioner.

“I have every faith in GECOM to deliver what they are meant to deliver, despite the pressures that they are under and the difficulties that they face and both the MMU and GECOM are criticized by both sides so you could argue that it’s a good sign.”



  1. Debate about what?
    The country is going in the wrong direction ; crime drug, mismanagement of tax dollars , the rich is getting rich at the expense of the underpaid workers,etc
    The country needs a new vision and if change of leaders is the solution then so be it.

  2. Granger has now found himself in a tough situation. A debate is called between a smooth brain and a rough brain, An intellectual and an lowbrow dodo.
    A debate between an Economist and an Philistine.
    We want a debate between the Soldier and the Educator.

  3. PNC wants to have three AFC members to be vice President. I think we should have three vice Presidential candidates to debate with our:
    Clinton Urling,
    Peter Ramsaroop,
    and Clive Jagan.
    Come on PNC/AFC name your three.
    The debates must be observed by all Election Observers, especially Carter team.

  4. I am in favour of any debate once we have a level playing field.
    We know and we see how media houses like Kaieteur News are so blatantly biased and skillful in fabricating the News that one can be stunned into awe only left shaking the head.
    Now how on God’s earth can a media house says in a national news paper (their own) that top Minister’s visas are revoked by our big brother USA? Now when the whole country got shocked and formed opinions these fools then say its is an All’s Fools joke.
    I say these people are the fools on all Fools day and not John Q Public.
    In the same vein will these people not manipulate the words and points made by unsuspecting debaters?
    In the same vein, how many APNU activists will not travel from one end of the country to the debating venue just to ask the debaters, ‘is whoh yoll doing ere’???

  5. its most amazing how these foreign has so much say in guyana since the last election..the last uk bana de running up and down the street declaring pnc win last election…arent these the said people that brought guyanese to teir knees after they were booted out of guyana..they were so spiteful to the silent majority they hand power to the brutal brute name burnham..the foreign club is piling on on ppp…they are in fact piling it on on the silent majority..


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