Local Scouts to attend Caribbean scouts Jamboree



scouts[www.inewsguyana.com] – A team of scouts from Guyana will depart these shores on Sunday to take part in the Caribbean Scouts Jamboree celebrations in Curacao which runs from July 21 to 28. The team includes nine dynamic leaders and thirty three explorers and venture scouts.

The activity is mostly referred to as the periodic gathering of Scouts within the Caribbean and is held at intervals since 1952.

This year the observance will be held under the theme “Life Tracking Treasures” Scouts will be given a chance to express themselves under the different sub themes “our mind and body”, “our family and friends” “our desires and dreams”, “our happiness and challenges”, “our intelligence” and “our nature”.

Scouts representing Guyana at the event will also be showcasing Guyana’s Cultural Folklore among other things. The last Jamboree was held in Guyana where camping took place at the Scouts Association on Woolford Avenue in Georgetown in 2009.

At such events Scout Leaders also assist the young scouts in becoming better persons through teachings and guidance sessions of courage and discipline coupled with developing good habits of obedience.



  1. As some of us already know, Scouting was established in British Guiana/Guyana in 1909, one whole year before it was established in the USA. Best wishes to this Scout team to the Jamboree in Curacao.


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