Local Government Elections unlikely; Guyanese want General Elections – Rohee


By Kurt Campbell

Elections_vote[www.inewsguyana.com] – President Donald Ramotar has promised to hold long overdue local government elections by the second quarter of 2015 but the possibility of him making good on that promise seems highly unlikely.

General Secretary of the ruling People’s Progressive Party (PPP) today told Reporters that there are no active discussions whether at the Party or Government level on announcing a definite date for those elections.

Rohee says based on his assessment of the current political situation in Guyana, it seems as though local government elections are out of the question.

The PPP GS says when the Leaders of the Opposition Parties, the Alliance for Change (AFC) and A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) speak “it seems as though local government elections is now out of the question and the call is for general and regional elections.”

He said the PPP supporters on the ground also want general and regional election; observing that while there may be some persons in the political arena harboring thoughts of local government, the preferred option of most political parties is for general elections.

He advised though that the PPP has not taken a policy decision on whether local or general elections are preferred.

“The jury is still out on that but when you look at how the wind is blowing it is general elections.”

The APNU was up to November 10 pushing for local government elections with weekly protest out the Office of the President but even as those protest continue the call is now for general elections to be held.

This followed the President’s decision to prorogue the Parliament; a decision which has seen the opposition stating categorically that there will be no talks with the Executive unless Parliament is recalled.

To this end, Rohee said it a highly unreasonable position to be taken by the Opposition Leader.

He said there are a lot of APNU supporters are in favor of dialogue. “Granger has dug himself in another hole and how does he come out… it is not a statesman like position,” Rohee added.

He explained that the Opposition Leader should make an effort to talk with the government since any decision will not only affect the PPP’s supporters but all Guyanese.



  1. I like a comment on Facebook last week, if a tenant was living in a house for 28 years and vacate the premises, but left a lot of S!!!! inside, another one move in for 22 years and live in that same house without cleaning it, and still complaining about that S!!!, well that tenant can live in S!!!!

  2. Granger will not talk with the PPP/C government outside of parliament. Which part of not talking outside of parliament, you goat man don’t understand. Is it the, not talk, or outside of parliament. which one???

  3. What else is new, this man Ramotar is a liar. he can’t keep one promise to do good for all of guyana, He can only make good on promises for he and his PPP/C comrades to thief from and fleece Guyanese.

    He fool you with the vat and the increase once, only stupid people will let him fool them again and if you vote for him then you look for it,


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