Local entrepreneurs meet key organisations in USA




On May 9, 2022, local entrepreneurs, Dr. Rosh Khan and Mr. Abbas Hamid, met with the World Trade Center Miami and Enterprise Florida Inc in Miami, Florida.

According to Dr. Rosh Khan, a business development consultant and owner of ACE Consultancy, “These meetings could not have happened at a more opportune time. We are grateful to the US Embassy and the Department of Commerce for their role in facilitating these meetings in Miami and for their support during the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, Texas.”

Dr. Khan believes that these engagements focus on key areas of cooperation and strengthen bilateral relations through increased trade. He also explained that webinars and trade missions will be announced in the near future.

Dr. Khan plays key leadership roles in the local business support organizations such as the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Guyana Manufacturing and Services Association, and the American Chamber of Commerce (Guyana). He explained that his Consultancy will be enagaging these entities for business matchmaking opportunities.

According to Mr. Abbas Hamid, the Director of Vitality Accounting, “It was a validating moment to witness the genuine interest of the World Trade Center Miami and Enterprise Florida Inc to explore the opportunities in Guyana. Guyana has a chance to realize the ‘potential’ we’ve often talked about. It’s about doing the work and seizing the opportunities.”

Mr. Hamid also shared that his firm has already created a joint venture with Averkamp CPA Group LLC, a financial firm located in Florida.

Praise was also given to Dr. Peter Ramsaroop, the CEO of Go-Invest, for their recent publications which included a Country Profile, Investor Profile, and a slew of material that highlighted sector-specific opportunities — all of which were very well-received.