Local aquaculture farm to export 22,000 pounds of fish to U.S.


Carana Agriculture Development Project is set to export more than twenty-two thousand pounds of Tambaki to the United States of America (USA), GINA said.

Carana is an aquaculture farm located at Bushy Park, West Coast Berbice.

Tambaki feeding at the Carana Bushlot Aquaculture farm
Tambaki feeding at the Carana Bushlot Aquaculture farm

During a visit to the farm on October 18, Specialist, Ray DeWandel told the Government Information Agency (GINA), that the farm sells about five thousand pounds of farm raised Tambaki on the local market and is preparing to make its first shipment of 22,000 pounds of filleted Tambaki to the United States of America at a cost of US $5per pound.

“In order to get 22000 pounds of product to sell we need approximately 66,000 pounds of fish so next month we will be embarking  on harvesting 66,000 pounds of fish, cutting them into fillet, putting them into  boxes, freezing them and then sending them into the USA,” De Wandel explained.

According to GINA, the farm employs 10 persons from the area on a full-time basis and another 50 part-time employees to assist with processing. It is currently working with local farmers to develop a hatchery from which it will source Tambaki fingerlings. The fish is native to Brazil.

Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture, George Jarvis congratulated the aquaculture farm proprietors for their success and pledged the continued support of the ministry for the venture.

The farm currently operates on about twenty-five acres of land, which De Wandel sees as a pilot project to be expanded to a full-fledged operation of  200-300 acres of ponds and processing facilities, GINA said.



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