Local animal sanctuary gives giant armadillo a second chance

The giant armadillo named Gerry Kumar
The giant armadillo named Gerry Kumar

In commemoration of World Wildlife Day, which is observed on March 3 every year, the Hyde Park Zoo Sanctuary (HPZ) decided to share a story of how it helped to nurse giant armadillo, that was on the brink of dying, back to life.

In a statement, the organisation noted that just shy of a year ago, in the midst of a global pandemic, on March 23, a giant armadillo lay in a state of near death on the Lethem trail.

Giant Armadillos are endangered species widely distributed in various South American habitats. Giant armadillos are listed as ‘Vulnerable to Extinction’ by the IUCN, are rare throughout their range, and have experienced local extinctions in Uruguay and elsewhere.

They are often hunted for sport and/or the meat.

Young giant armadillos are almost never seen in the wild. It is therefore unknown how the young armadillo found his way onto the busy loam trail which connects Georgetown to Lethem.

The animal was discovered by miners, who reportedly proceeded to use a sharp weapon to cut the armadillo’s shell, leaving her in a critical condition.

Following this ordeal, a “good samaritan”, who also came upon the injured mammal, immediately contacted the Guyana Wildlife Conservation and Management Commission.

The Commission arranged a rescue mission in collaboration with Hyde Park Zoo (HPZ) Sanctuary and Tropical Gardens.

Once the injured giant armadillo was safely transported to the city, HPZ received the animal and immediately arranged her veterinary treatment at her new home at the Sanctuary.

Under the constant care and supervision, the armadillo, named Gerry Kumar, who has become a member of the sanctuary’s wildlife family, was able to make a miraculous and full recovery.

Today, Gerry, as she is fondly known, lives a happy and safe life amongst other similar mammalian species in her spacious enclosure.

HPZ sanctuary and Tropical Gardens noted that it will continue to carry out their mission to rescue and rehabilitate animals. HPZ is a privately owned animal sanctuary located in Georgetown, Guyana. Founded in 1999. HPZ is located at the Land of Canaan Plantation, East Bank Demerara (EBD). The directors are Violet Mohanlall and Praimnauth Mohanlall.