“Little Robbery” allegedly confesses to murdering Parika woman

Dead, Romeza Sukdeo

Days after the body of 22-year-old Romeza Sukdeo was found in an empty lot at the Hydronie Market Road, Parika, East Bank Essequibo, detectives have made a breakthrough into the case after a man referred to as “Little Robbery” confessed to murdering the woman.

Based on reports received, the suspect, Naresh Ally, made the confession on Thursday after being grilled by detectives. He reportedly told the Police that he and the woman had a misunderstanding after she refused to engage in sexual activity with him. It was then he reportedly got upset and strangled Sukdeo to death.

Dead, Romeza Sukdeo

It was reported that the woman’s body was found by a security officer who without hesitation summoned the Police.  Upon arrival, the woman’s body was found facing downwards. She was clad in a multicoloured dress, without any footwear on.

Sukdeo was last seen alive by her mother, Naimawattie Persaud, 50, a domestic worker of Parika Façade, on Sunday, when she reportedly visited her home and left for an unknown direction.

It was detailed that Sukdeo was a drug addict. Ally is expected to be charged with murder shortly.


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