Linden/Ituni/Kwakwani road repair part of Region Ten’s plan to push development – Chairman


Upgrades to the Linden to Ituni to Kwakwani road are part of a plan geared at stimulating development in Region Ten, according to GINA.

The development of the road networks is vital to the creation of jobs, and the possibility of improving commercial activities, according to Regional Chairman, Renis Morian, and this is why the region has included it into its five-year “action plan”.

Region Ten Chairman, Renis Morian
Region Ten Chairman, Renis Morian

“We are thinking about the linkage between Linden and Kwakwani, because the movement of goods and services is too costly on that stretch of road…,” Morian said.

He observed that the planned upgrade will reduce transportation costs while stimulating trade and other economic opportunities, which will significantly enhance the lives of citizens, particularly traders using the route. “…it will bring down cost, it will open up more lands for business… businesses are going out of Georgetown, which is cramped, so if you could do Linden-Ituni-Kwakwani road, the Linden to Lethem road, all the corridors along the road, people would want to go there and do different things, manufacturing etc,” he said.

Morian observed that minibus drivers plying the route from Linden to Ituni to Kwakwani have long complained over the worsening state of the roads. “Drivers are complaining about spending more money to repair (their vehicles). You do not even have jobs (in the region) but you have a case of the drivers spending more money to repair their cars, service their cars,” he said.

Additionally, to improve public infrastructure in the region, Morian said that a part of the plan of action for the region is to bring electricity to Bamia. He said that the regional administration is also working with an investor to power Moblissa.

The Administration is also working to have a new Regional Democratic Council (RDC) building. Morian explained that this is to ensure that the councillors perform and deliver services to the region as is expected.



According to GINA, the new plan of action for Region Ten’s development is a clearly articulated and dynamic framework designed to best position the region to 2020 and beyond. The plan articulates improving transportation infrastructure and making the region a productive landscape.



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