Lindener slapped with five robbery charges

Marlon De Freitas. [iNews' Photo]

Marlon De Freitas. [iNews' Photo]
Marlon De Freitas. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – A Technician of One Mile, Wismar, Linden facing five robbery-related charges was remanded to prison by Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry on Friday, January 23.

Marlon De Freitas, called “Natty,” pleaded not guilty to four counts of break and enter and larceny and a larceny from a person charge.

Particulars of the first charge alleged that between September 14 and September 18, 2014 at Jordan Road, Silverton, Linden he broke and entered the dwelling house of Michelle Jackman and stole his $70,000 Android cellular phone, $40,000 BlackBerry Bold and $97,000 Hewlett Packer (HP) laptop.

The Court heard that on July 18, 2013 De Freitas broke into Quincy Forde’s house and stole his $20,000 Samsung cellular phone and $60,000 BlackBerry smart phone while between June 8 and June 9, last at the McKenzie Market De Freitas broke into Sherry Fraser’s business place and stole $200,000 worth in groceries and a $15,000 compact disc (CD) player.

It was further alleged that between October 9 and October 11, 2014 at Amelia’s Ward, De Freitas broke and entered Ronette Albert’s house and stole an Acer laptop, two gold chains and pendant, two pairs of earrings, two cellular phones, two bottles of skin cream, a pair of garden gloves and a reel of duct tape. The items amounted to $365,100.

De Freitas was also charged with stealing a Samsung Galaxy S4 from Tushi Small at Wismar, Linden on August 27, last year.

Police Prosecutor Michael Grant did not present the facts in Court but opposed bail due to the nature, gravity, prevalence of these crimes and the penalty the offences attract.

He said the police in Linden are investigating other matters in which De Freitas can be charged. Grant said De Freitas was a flight risk since he had been evading the police for some time. De Freitas was arrested on Tuesday January 20.

Bail was refused and the case will be called at the Linden Magistrates’ Court on January 27.                                                      



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