Linden youth remanded for possession of ammo

Andre Walcott


Andre Walcott
Andre Walcott

[] – City Magistrate, Ann McLennan today remanded a 21-year-old labourer of Wismar Linden to prison for the offence of possession of ammunition.

Andre Walcott pleaded not guilty to the charge, which alleged that that on August 7 at Wismar Linden, he had in his possession 10 live rounds of .32 ammunition.

He is scheduled to return to Court on August 20.



  1. like i said u r an ass..if the evidence does not lead investigators to those other villages ( indian) u ranting about why should they go there? U R still to say whats in it for police to set up your essence what u r trying t tell me is that if a crime was committed in linden and police have every reason to believe the criminal is hiding out in linden you want the police to go look for the criminal in an indian dominated village.u people r so easy to see through

  2. Name any other community in Guyana where the police went into a house and found bullets but no matching gun, then went into another house in the same community a couple of days later and found a gun but no matching bullets, and neither the guns nor the bullets found in both houses don’t even match? That is how you pick up the ‘planting’ of items by police!

  3. when U make such broad statement Y dont U elaborate and do tell how U know he was set up by police? Y in your opinion the police would to set up this youth? dont tell others because he is a black youth from linden the reason the police set him up. U will look like a foolish ass

  4. The police set up this youth! Look for more of this kind of ‘planting’ in the weeks and months ahead!

  5. probation officer what u have to say bout this youth…probation office..ow magistrate look whe he live…a depressed community ow magistrate he depressed he compressed and he didnt know what he was doing suh gee he wan chance to go live a productive and useful life…bet your life on it…once he is let out one hour later he gat another gun…they cant live without de gun..


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