Linden Town Week set for May 15-25


Under the theme, “Reflection, resilience, rediscover Linden. Celebrating who we are,” the Linden Town Week (LTW) 2016 was officially launched over the weekend. A special ceremony held at the Linden-Georgetown minibus park marked the occasion for the annual observance, slated for May 15-25.

Vybz Chairman Devin Sears (left) and performers
Vybz Chairman Devin Sears (left) and performers

Minister within the Communities Ministry Valerie Sharpe-Patterson, featured as main speaker, declared the official launch of this year’s event.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Jermaine Figueira and Bosai Minerals Group Guyana Incorporated (BMGGI) Community Relations Officer Vanessa Mitchell Davis ceremoniously cut yellow and white ribbons in honour of the official launch.

Minister Sharpe-Patterson during her address described the event as being a “very profound one. It means that we have to go back to where we once were. It means that we were there some time ago, and we have lost our way… Reflection allows us to analyse our experiences and make changes based on our mistakes. Reflection keeps doing what is successful and builds upon or modify past knowledge, based on our new knowledge. Reflection also allows us to make connections with people, in and out of our town, in and out of our country. Reflection appeals to our self-interest as a people.”

The evening was also marked by performances from local artistes out of Linden, including Diana Chapman, Lil’ Colwyn and others.

Vybz Entertainment Incorporated (Vybz Ent Inc) in association with the Linden Mayor and Town Council (LM&TC) will be hosting a second year of the LTW, under the present three-year franchise.

Vybz Ent Inc Chairman Devin Sears has dubbed the launch “successful”.

The Linden Town Week is an annual celebration of the town’s birth anniversary. This year it will be celebrating 46 years; however according to Vybz Ent Inc, unorthodoxly it has been shifted to the period of Guyana’s 50th Independence celebration for accommodation purposes.
This marks a significant year in history as the town will observe 20 years of the LTW observances and 100 years of bauxite, all of which have contributed to the socio and economic development of the town.


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