Linden teacher stabbed to death by child father

Dead Kelly Charlotte

A Linden, Region 10, teacher is now dead after she was brutally stabbed over 20 times Sunday night by the father of her child, whom she recently separated from.

Dead is Kelly Charlotte, a teacher attached to the Christiansburg Primary School.

The woman was murdered at her sister’s residence in One Mile, Wismar, Linden, where she was seeking refuge.

Based on information reaching this publication, Charlotte and the suspect, who share a child together, recently had a physical altercation which prompted her to get the police involved. Afterwards, the woman relocated along with the child to her sister’s residence at One Mile.

The suspect

While there, however, the suspect called the now deceased woman and asked to spend some time with his child. It was upon their return to her sister’s residence that the suspect took out a knife and stabbed the woman about 27 about her body before escaping.

Police have launched an investigation and are on the hunt for the suspect.