Linden police find gun in toilet



gun[] – Almost 24 hours after discovering ten live .32 ammunition in a Linden house, police in the very area made another discovery in another part of Linden on Friday night [August 08].

During an operation, police acting on information discovered a .40 pistol in the toilet of a house.

iNews understands that the property is owned by Elvis Williams of Canvas City Linden; his son, who was at home at the time of the search was arrested and remains in custody assisting with the investigations.

On Thursday night another home owner’s son was arrested after police conducted a search and found ten live rounds of ammo for a .32 weapon for which the young man was not licensed to carry. [Leroy Smith]



  1. to Gary….after reading most of your comments I want to believe you dropped out of nursery school or you were a victim of a robbery. your comments are just not objective. so sad…..

  2. Emile you forget David Clark of the mighty GDF and police wre in Buxton but did not find a single gun nor a single gunman ..I say no more

  3. Great! Next up, the other communities that have guns! Then again, the police cannot go in certain communities and look for guns or else they will be transferred to the interior where no one lives or works.

    Look, guns are a problem, but no one can tell me the police would just show up at two separate houses in Linden and find a gun in one house and ammunition on another! How does this not sound like a ‘plant’????

  4. awwwww the sons its always the sons but the child mother nor the child father never know what their sons are into…depressed??? and have no money for food clothes housing but hey no problem having money in getting a sure these guns are no free…


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