Linden must become a hub for mechanical & engineering services – Ali

A section of the gathering at Linden, Region Ten

President Dr Irfaan Ali today made an impromptu visit to Linden, Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) where scores of residents turned up to meet with him and discuss ways in which they can collaborate to develop communities and promote unity among citizens.

“We could be the wealthiest country in the world, but if we are not united, then we’re the poorest in heart. We could be the wealthiest country, but if we don’t have a clear understanding of what makes us Guyanese, and who we are as Guyanese, then we are poor in soul,” President Ali shared with the gathering.

Whilst there, President Ali announced plans to construct a new stadium and to transform the township into a hub for mechanical and engineering services, primarily to service the hinterland.

“We are right now examining a number of sport facilities here in Region Ten, some of which will (be) upgrade(d). More importantly, in the medium-term, we have to build a new stadium for you.”

“But importantly, we also have to ensure that Linden is a hub for mechanical services for the hinterland. So, we are working on developing a particular area that would be able to provide mechanical services, engineering services, tyre repair (services), so that we can service the hinterland with here being the major point or the major hub.”

The Head of State noted too that his government will be working with the people of Linden in other sectors.

“We have to work with you in improving production; production in agriculture is important as part of the food security agenda of the government,” he remarked.

He added too that, “massive development is planned for housing, we want to build 1,000 homes here for the young people.”

The Guyanese leader also asserted that Linden is not owned by any political movement and he urged residents examine the progress, think for themselves, and follow their conscience.

In fact, he reminded that in order for the country to truly develop, people must create a positive mindset.

“It is not only the roads and the schools and the hospitals…it is about creating a mindset that is positive, it is creating families that are stronger, communities that are stronger, communities and people that are respectful to each other, money can’t buy that. That has to come from you.”

President Ali further made it clear that his government will never hide from the people.

“You will never see this President hiding, I will be out in the sun, in the rain. The government will be out in the sun, in the rain because you expect us to work for you in the good times and the bad times.”

Meanwhile, residents from the community shared their thoughts on the progress of the current government, lauding the Ali-administration for the positive changes they are witnessing across the country.

“I was talking to some of my colleagues on Blueberry Hill, as an ambassador of Blueberry Hill, I would like to say…to you, the President, that you’re doing very good work. And one thing I admire with you, Mr. President, is that, you work with the people from the ghetto, because I have friends in Albouystown, Charlestown, Tiger Bay and [they tell me about the] infrastructure and development opportunity you give them, I really respect that. And just in Linden here, you went into the ghetto…and you’ve done excellent,” one resident related.