Linden Mayor urges constables to be gatekeepers of town


Linden Mayor, Waneka Arrindell has urged members of the Linden Town Constabulary to understand their roles and to be gatekeepers of the town, as the constabulary recently celebrated 51 years of existence.

The anniversary was marked by a ceremonial march past and salute by constabulary ranks followed by a ceremony hosted at the Egbert Benjamin Centre in Linden.

Three constabulary employees were also awarded for their exemplary contributions to the constabulary over the years. Nicola Noble was awarded Best Corporal, while Ron Johnson was awarded Most Improved Constable and Myra Richards was awarded for Best Attendance.

Arrindell, in her remarks, noted that the Town’s Constabulary has 100% of her support.

Linden’s Town Clerk, Orleena Obermuller, in a brief history of the constabulary, noted that the Department has grown in strength and personnel over the years.

The Linden Town Constabulary was established on April 19, 1967, and enlisted 9 members on April 24 into the Guyana Police Force Training School at Eve Leary. With the emergence of the North Mackenzie and Wismar-Christianburg local authorities came the expansion of the Local Authority Area and the town establishing its status in 1970. Constabulary constables were then reappointed as town constables.

Presently, there are 27 ranks, including a Superintendent, an Inspector, two sergeants, three corporals and 21 constables, who are mandated to secure and protect the Council’s property as well as to maintain law and order within the boundaries of the town. They are also assisted by eight security guards.


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