Linden man accused of beating girlfriend who refused sex remanded

The accused, Collis Duke. [iNews' Photo]


The accused, Collis Duke. [iNews' Photo]
The accused, Collis Duke. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Collis Duke, a 39 – year – old construction worker of South Amelia’s Ward Linden was remanded to prison by Magistrate Judy Latchman on an assault charge.

Duke pleaded not guilty to the charge, which alleged that on September 30 at South Amelia’s Ward, he assaulted his girlfriend Wenetta Kopin, causing her actual bodily harm.

Police Prosecutor, Kerry Bostwick informed the Court that the Virtual Complainant (VC) received injuries as a result of cuffs to her arms and legs.

However, the victim told the Court that the defendant assaulted her because she refused to have sexual intercourse with him. She added that he cuffed her and even threw her to the ground.

The unrepresented man with no priors was remanded to prison and the case was transferred Linden Court for October 29.



  1. We seem to be living still in a time when women were considered”property”.We need to develop a new mind set,teaching our young men and women to respect themselves and each other.AND FOR HEAVENS SAKE CAN WE SAY”SEXUAL ASSUALT”INSTEAD OF THE OTHER WORD????

  2. she is her personal property so he could do to her as he pleased whenever he please..buggery of a child is another thing they do and get away with it..oh well its man who makes the laws…to protect man –that is..

  3. The minister son mess up woman’s face and he is still out there walking as a free man. The poor and ignorant feels it all the time.

  4. This animal don’t deserve a human female companion.
    People like this must be taught how to behave in a modern society.
    Chain him!


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