Linden fire leaves 3 homeless, arson suspected


Three Linden women are now homeless as a result of a fire which gutted their two-storey home at145 Dageraad Avenue, Mackenzie, Linden in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

When the fire started shortly before 2:00hr in the upper storey of the home owned by Sandra and Beverly Kellman, Sandra Kellman’s daughter, the other occupant of the home, was not at home. The fire destroyed both the upper and lower storeys of the home.

65-year-old Sandra, who lived in the upper storey, said she was alerted by a loud thud on her roof top in the vicinity of her daughter’s bedroom. Upon investigating, she saw fire emanating from the rooftop, and it quickly spread throughout the building.

Fire destroyed both the upper and lower storeys of this house.

She said she was told that someone was seen running from the home shortly after the fire started on the rooftop, and at least one other person has informed her that they saw when a burning object landed on the roof. She is adamant that someone had set fire to her home.

“Somebody did that!” the sorrowing woman said, as she noted that everything was destroyed in the fire.

“She ain’t get to save nothing to wear!” a neighbour told this publication, as he noted that he was awakened by the sounds of people traversing the area. According to him, the Fire Service, which is located a short distance away, did not respond promptly.

“They came late…When I opened my door, the whole house was in red (engulfed); from the front to the back was in blazing fire. I go out and help assist right away,” he said.


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