Linden family homeless after fire guts their home

The woman, who believes the fire was electrical in nature

A Linden family of five are now counting their losses after a fire gutted their flat concrete home situated at One Mile, Wismar.

Curtis Higgins, the owner of the home, along with four family members lived at the house.

The fire, this publication understands,  started at approximately 10:00hrs on Monday while a teenager and two children were at home.

A neighbour recalled hearing a knock on her door and upon opening it, she was told by one of the children who were home at the time that the house was “burning down”.

The remains of the home 

The woman said that she then raised an alarm. She explained that she called 911 several times in order to access the Linden fire service, but was told by the operator that the call was already transferred and she would have to wait for the fire service to arrive. She noted that neighbours were unable to save anything since the fire engulfed the house quickly.

Apart from a washing machine, the family were not able to save anything from the house. The inside of the building and its roofing were completely burnt out.

An occupant of the home, Dorette Higgins, when contacted, noted that she lived at the home with her father, Curtis Higgins, for 38 years. She said she was at her sister’s house when the fire started.

The woman, who believes the fire was electrical in nature explained that there was an issue with electricity at the house a few days ago and her refrigerator was damaged.

The fire service has since launched an investigation.



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