Linden communities under threat from erosion after heavy rainfall


Several communities in Linden, Region Ten (Upper Demerara-Berbice) are now experiencing massive erosion due to heavy rainfall.

Some affected communities are Wisroc, Buck Hill and Blueberry Hill.

Residents are blaming the improper drainage system in their villages for the massive erosion taking place.

For instance, at Phase 1B Wisroc, residents have indicated that the runoff of water from the roadways are causing yards to flood during heavy rains. As such, they are calling for enhanced drainage systems.

Others are complaining that in some cases, the drains are filled with sand and are clogged as a result.

At Block 22, Wismar residents pointed out that the roads in the community are not maintained and continue to erode. They also noted that some of the drainage systems are inadequate.

This publication visited the area during heavy rainfall on Sunday and witnessed firsthand the flooding and erosion of roads and parapets.

“For as long as I’m living here, this road never do (upgraded), and I’m living here almost 20 years. Because of this it’s causing the yard to flood and erosion. This is what happening for as long as I’ve been here,” the resident explained, as she pointed to an eroded section of road as rainwater gushed in on her yard.

In an attempt to stop the water some residents of Block 22 managed to fill sand bags and placed sand along their premises.

Another resident pleaded with the authorities to look into the situation.

“We’ve been suffering for many years now. When the rain falls, the road break away, wash away and the water come in our yard. When the water come in our yard, it does get swampy. This cause the posts that holding up the house to rotten. We need something to be done about this road,” one resident related.

“It’s too long we suffering. Every time they fixing the roads up to one spot. They fixing the roads in front and forget about we at the back here. So we need them to come and look into this matter as soon as possible,” the resident pleaded.

This publication also spoke to Environmental Engineer Samuel Wright as it relates to a severely eroded section of road at the site of the Dakoura Creek at Wismar. An underlying culvert, Wright noted, is presently under threat and a significant amount of the road has already eroded.

The engineer said he fears the worse if the situation is not rectified.