Lifeless body of 8-year-old child found face down in shallow ditch


The lifeless body of an 8-year-old child was discovered in a shallow ditch some distance away from his Sophia, Georgetown home on Tuesday evening.

Dead is Isiah Smart, a student attached to a Primary school located in Kitty, Georgetown.

Based on reports received, the police were informed by residents in the area that the child’s body was discovered around 19:00hrs. His body, clad with a blue jersey and a pair of blue jeans, was reportedly found face down in a ditch.

According to the child’s mother, she had noticed his disappearance on Monday, but did not ‘dwell on it since he would often leave home in the same manner [not informing anyone] and go to his father’s residence’.

The child’s father reportedly lives a short distance away.

Family members and friends of the family are clinging to the theory that the boy’s death may have been an act of foul play.

Smart leaves to mourn his parents, six other siblings and other family and friends.

Investigations are ongoing.



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