Licenced septuagenarian arrested for threatening to kill nurse at the Palms- Police


A 79-year-old inmate of the Brickdam Palms, who is an ex-prison officer and the holder of a licenced firearm, is now in police custody after he reportedly threatened to kill a nurse at the Palms on Friday around 20:15h.

According to information from the Police, the elderly man and the nurse had a misunderstanding earlier in the day.

The nurse reportedly walked away from the ward where the 73-year-old was and proceeded to another area.

The grown man was however, unsatisfied and went for his handgun and allegedly  cornered the nurse in the stairway.

The nurse said that she managed to disarm the angered man and contacted the police who promptly arrived and took possession of the firearm.

The 79-year-old was arrested and an investigation is said to be ongoing.



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