Licenced Granny shoots Alpha Hotel worker she thought was a thief

The elderly woman’s home and the fence the man was reportedly removing vines from when he was shot

A young maintenance worker attached to the Alpha Hotel in Ogle, East Coast Demerara was this morning shot by an elderly woman, who reportedly told law enforcement officials that she thought he was a thief.

The injured man was identified only as Brandon, and he reportedly hails from Berbice, but currently lives in Republic Park on the East Bank of Demerara.

The incident occurred around 06:50hrs this morning, according to staff attached to the hotel.

Inews was told that the young man, who is reportedly in his 20s, was cleaning the weeds off of the hotel’s zinc fence, which was next to the yard where the elderly woman, identified as Leila Jagdeo, resides.

Jagdeo was not available to speak to media operatives but this online publication was told that the woman reported to police that she thought ‘Brandon’ was a bandit who was trying to jump into her yard. As such, she picked up her revolver- being a licenced firearm holder- and fired one shot towards the young man.

The bullet pierced through the zinc fence and hit ‘Brandon’ to his abdomen.

The hole where the bullet reportedly pierced the zinc fence, injuring ‘Brandon’

Staff from the hotel ran to the young man’s aid after realizing what had transpired. They subsequently called the police and the injured man was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he is presently in a stable condition.

This online publication was told that staff attached to the hotel questioned the elderly woman’s reason for shooting at the maintenance worker, since according to them, Jagdeo knew the man.

“She tell police that she thought he was a thief but she know Brandon. She does ask he fuh help she do things around she yard and he help couple times,” a hotel staff told Inews.

‘Brandon’ is said to have been employed with Alpha Hotel for approximately three years.

Jagdeo is presently assisting police with investigations. (Ramona Luthi)


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