LGE Results – so far

The results shown below are figures (number of votes) gathered, up to midnight tonight. These results are not final since coverage could not be given to all of the polling stations in the various constituencies and municipalities across the country.
resultsThe Opposition PPP/C is projected to win 14 out of the 15 Neighbourhood Democratic Councils (NDCs) in Region 3.
Nevertheless, the preliminary figures show that the A Partnership for National Unity + Alliance For Change (APNU+AFC) candidates are leading in most of the constituencies in Georgetown. Below are some of the results from the various polling stations in the constituencies.
Constituency 14 (South Ruimveldt Park/Ruimveldt)
Sir Leon Residence:   Sherod Duncan (APNU+AFC) – 129
                                                Saiku Andrew (Team Legacy) – 33
                                                Mark Benschop (Team Benschop) – 20
                                                Clayon Halley (Youth For Local Government) – 5
South Ruimveldt Secondary School:           Sherod Duncan (APNU+AFC) – 269
                                                                   Saiku Andrew (Team Legacy) – 135
                                                                   Mark Benschop (Team Benschop) – 40 
Ruimveldt Daycare Centre:  Sherod Duncan (APNU+AFC) – 269
                                                            Saiku Andrew (Team Legacy) – 135
                                                            Mark Benschop (Team Benschop) – 40 
Dynasty Night Club:  Sherod Duncan (APNU+AFC) – 26
                                                Mark Benschop (Team Benschop) – 9 
                                                Saiku Andrew (Team Legacy) – 5
Roxanne Burnham Nursery: Sherod Duncan (APNU+AFC) – 158
                                                     Mark Benschop (Team Benschop) – 53 
                                                     Saiku Andrew (Team Legacy) – 23
                                                     Juliet Julian (Independent Candidate) – 19
Constituency 12 (Tucville – North Ruimveldt)
Municipal Health Centre:     Patricia Chase-Greene (APNU+AFC) – 110
                                                            Linden Hinds (Team Legacy) – 42
                                       Rolston Alkins (Team Benschop) – 1
Polly’s Nursery School:         Patricia Chase-Greene (APNU+AFC) – 373
                                                Linden Hinds (Team Legacy) – 25
                                                Rolston Alkins (Team Benschop) – 21
                                                Abigail Brower (Youths For Local Government) – 9 
Turning Point                         Patricia Chase-Greene (APNU+AFC) – 138 
                                                Abigail Brower (Youths For Local Government) – 6 
                                                Linden Hinds (Team Legacy) – 5
                                                Rolston Alkins (Team Benschop) – 4
APNU+AFC – 3872
PPP/C – 1224
APNU+AFC took off with 12 seats while PPP/C two seats at that municipality.
APNU+AFC – 564
PPP/C – 922
APNU+AFC won one constituency, while PPP/C took away five. the Reminding constituency was tied between the PPP/C and an independent Candidate with 166 votes each.  
Meanwhile, of the 16 Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC), the PPP/C won 15 while the APNU+AFC won one.
PPP/C has managed to attract a large percentage of votes in the Annanadle/Riverstown NDC in Region Two. The area has nine constituencies. According to Statement of Poll’s (SOP’s) posted in the area, PPP won Airy Hall, Riverstown, Adventure, Suddie and Maria Lodge with overwhelming support. The party won Suddie constituency by one vote. Moving down at the Perservance district in the NDC area 214 persons casted their votes, 210 for PPPC and 4 for APNU/AFC.
At Golden Fleece, constituency 4 there were two polling stations, at one 210 persons voted for the PPP/C and 19 for APNU/AFC while at the other 204 voted for PPP/C and 15 for APNU/AFC. The PPP/C also won in the Johanna Cecelia area. At Cullen, 158 persons casted their votes for PPP/C and 13 for APNU/AFC.
Constituency 7 (Tumering – Mongrippo East)
Baptiste’s Residence:  Deborah Browne (APNU+AFC) – 231
                                        Troy Thornhill (BIGA) – 72
                                        Bisnauth Kanhai (PPP/C) – 54 
Constituency 8 (Tumering – Mongrippo West)
Byderabo Resource Centre:    Hazel Allicock (APNU+AFC) – 331
                                                            David Drepaul (PPP/C) – 131
                                                            Carol Eliott (BIGA) – 52    


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