LGE 2018 update: Voting picks up in certain areas, while others remain slow

Mon Repos Primary School polling station

More persons have started to come out as voting during Local Government Elections (LGE) continues throughout Monday.

Persons still not finding their names on the voters list continues to be a perennial problem throughout many of the polling stations across Guyana.

The New Grove/Diamond Primary polling station

There were however, some notably exceptions such as the polling station at  the New Grove/Diamond Primary school, East Bank Demerara which had a sizeable turnout.

INews was told that no one had issues finding their names and the voters who came out posited that the procedure was smooth.

There was also a large turnout at Diamond Nursery, but voters there are calling for better utilities and community maintenance.

However, at the Grove Primary there was a mix up with the list of voters and some persons were having difficulties finding their names.

Voter turnout in central Georgetown has been deemed poor.

Mon Repos Primary School polling station

Meanwhile voting at Mon Repos, East Coast Demerara was moving along smoothly at the Mon Repos Primary School polling station with a large number of residents turning out at the opening of polls.

However, at the Montrose polling station, the incumbent NDC chairman Zaman Shaw told this publication that a relative of his was turned away this morning from voting because his name was not found on the list.

According to Shaw, three other persons in the community approached him with the same issue.

Shaw said he returned with his relative and enquired from the Regional Officer and the name was found on the ROs list. He then received an apology and was given the go ahead to vote.

Shaw said he is hoping that this situation does not repeat itself not only in his constituency but in other areas across Guyana.

One of the polling stations at Yarrowkabra primary school

In Yarrowkabra, Soesdyke-Linden Highway, a sizeable amount of persons were seen in lines waiting to cast their votes at the polling station at the Yarrowkabra primary school, while other persons were also checking to see if their names are on the list but so far no issues of names not being on the list have been encountered at this location.

However, the residents of Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara who this morning turned out to vote at the Soesdyke Secondary School, are saying that more campaigning should have been done by the relevant party representatives.

There were also complaints of persons names being left off of the voters list at the Soesdyke polling station.

This was also the case in Timehri.

This publication also visited several polling stations along the East Coast of Demerara, in places like Buxton/Foulis and Enmore/Hope, where only a trickle of persons took advantage of the early morning voting.

Voting continued to be slow in areas like Haslington. However, residents did speak about pressing community issues and concerns.

Residents in Enmore spoke of the hardship they have faced since the closure of the Enmore Sugar Estate. Jobless youths are prevalent in the community and this is compounded by bad drainage and roads.

At Hope Secondary, there was a notable absence of voters. Persons did express optimism that the voting would pick up later in the day.

One of the polling stations at Parkia

The polling stations at Parika, East Bank Essequibo have been reportedly quite thus far with steady voting throughout the morning.

Greenwich Park Polling Station

At Greenwich Park, East Bank Essequibo, rice farmers who voted are calling for the drainage issue to be rectified. According to them, this is the main concern in the area because it is not only affecting them severely but also the residents who would experience flooding as a result of rainfall.

Stewartville Nursery School, West Coast Demerara no sign of any voter at this time.

The voting turnout along the West Coast of Demerara has been quite and slow, with voters coming out intermittently.

The same can be said for Essequibo where voter turnout has not been sizable and slow at this juncture.

Charity Nursery School Essequibo Coast

The same situation prevails in Berbice, where voter turnout was also deemed slow, with the exception of Whim where more than 40 per cent on the voters have reportedly inked their fingers.

There was also a report of an instance where a disabled elderly woman was told that she can’t vote because her wheel chair could not pass the door at Port Morant polling station.

Meanwhile, former President Donald Ramotar said it was smooth sailing for him as he also took note of the low turnout.

He urged persons to come out and vote to make a difference in their respective communities.

He also underscored the importance of having the right to vote, noting that it is not only a right guaranteed under the constitution but also a duty of every citizen.

Opposition Parliamentarian Irfaan Ali

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament Irfaan Ali said that the voting thus far is reflecting that of previous years as numbers are similar at this time. He is however hopeful that the pace speeds up as the day progresses.

More details on LGE 2018 will be provided in a subsequent update.


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