LGE 2018: Large turnout for PPP in Linden as GS promises deliverance come 2020

People’s Progressive Party (PPP) General Secretary Dr Bharrat Jagdeo

Leader of the Opposition and General Secretary (GS) of the People’s Progressive Party (PPP) Dr Bharrat Jagdeo on Tuesday evening shared his enthusiasm of the Party securing victory at the upcoming Local Government Elections (LGE) on November 12 and General Elections in 2020, reiterating to Lindeners that the Party will “sweep the polls.”

Speaking at Mackenzie, Linden where hundreds turned up for the LGE meeting, Jagdeo reiterated the PPP’s goals, stating that the Party has regained supporters, who had previously been sidetracked. He said those persons have realised Government’s failed campaign promises and are now back in full support of the PPP.

“Every single promise that they made to our people, they broke…now, people’s eyes are opened. They’re back with us and many who supported them are with us too. And that is why in 2020, we’re going to sweep the polls. You’re about a year and a half away from deliverance in this country, because we’ve worked together right across Guyana to take back this country…”, he told the large crowd, who gathered inside the compound of the Party’s Linden office.

A section of the crowd during the LGE meeting in Linden

Jagdeo added that the only way the election victory can be achieved is through support, as he also urged full support for candidates contesting in the upcoming LGE.

“The only way that we can achieve this is by all of you playing a role,” Jagdeo stressed. He noted that while no candidate is perfect, all of the Party’s candidates stand for a cause.

The Party’s General Secretary extended an open invitation, noting that all are welcomed to the Party, as he reiterated the basis of its establishment by founder-Leader Dr Cheddi Jagan.

“We welcome everyone… Who you voted for in the past doesn’t matter. We work for Guyana, we work for all of our people…Every single person, regardless of your race, your religion, your gender, your class, you’re welcomed to the People’s Progressive Party, now as it was then. Because we were established for a cause. And the cause was one of justice and dignity for all of our people,” he said.

Jagdeo restated that voting at the LGE will be the first vote towards the Party being successful in its campaign for General Elections come 2020, as he shared his vision for progress.

He told supporters, among other things, that under the current Government there has not been a single major investment, noting that every sector is currently on a decline.


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