LETTER: You need not be bystanders in this struggle for true freedom


Dear Editor,

The origin of the word “STOP” is from old English, which related to the phrase “to block up” or the German word “stofen” which mean “to plug”.  I have observed many of the speeches from the People’s National Congress (PNC) leaders – the Coalition is just a sham, this is a PNC government in substance – and they seem to like using the word “stop” in their attempt to lecture the Guyanese people living locally and even further afield in the Diaspora when they are given the chance.

A recent media report noted that President Granger, while in Atlanta, told the people to “stop attacking the PNC leader”. He reportedly re-emphasised his point by saying that the “PNC members must stop attacking him”. Locally, he demanded that we must “stop the Police promotion”, “stop blaming the Government”, and there are several more cases of such negaholism.  But the fever seems to be catching on because now we heard Minister Harmon calling for the PNC Councillors to “Stop the [People’s Progressive Party] PPP Councillors in their tracks”.









Are these all codes being used to plug freedom or block up the right to protest and speak out against a centralised and coordinated attempt of the Granger regime at establishing a creeping autocracy?  President Granger has the proud history of being the only PNC Leader who has won elections in the entire history of Guyana; albeit by 4506 votes.  So why this determined effort to mess up that record? Even Burnham cannot claim such an honour.

To disrespect the system of democracy is to disrespect the masses who are mainly the poor. It is said by the wise men, “he who oppresses the poor taunts his Maker”.  Is this what President Granger is doing today with this massive level of misrule? And do they think the Guyanese people will roll over and graciously allow these PNC leaders to do their own thing?

If one observes the protest line in front of Parliament early in November 2017, it was dominated by women with their placards protesting the indignations of this Granger regime. Whoever did the grassroots mobilisation to achieve this end, did a great service to the Guyanese society. It was ordinary ladies who will bring the excesses of this Granger regime to an end, peacefully and gracefully, like Kowsilla who died for Guyana’s freedom in the 1960s.

So there is no need for any belligerence and pugnacity from Granger and Harmon.  The Guyanese people in the true spirit of Kowsillism will stand up to their anti-democratic rhetoric, today, tomorrow and the next day.  So bring it on baby!

Therefore it is imperative that the electorate not fall for this Granger trap populated with heavy doses of deception and subterfuge and wise up to what is happening.  In the Granger camp, their agenda is not about the people, but really about the preservation of an affluent lifestyle of a small cabal that surrounds the presidency. The utterance from the President himself in Atlanta confirmed this commitment to such a cause rather than an ideological grounding in doing things for the poor and the working class although he did attempt to give lip service to the act of serving the poor. But a man is judged by his actions, not his words.

It is our duty to continue to bring these matters to the eyes of the people so that they wisen up and oppose and reject this creeping dictatorship. Thus I encourage all UG students, this is your time.  You need not be bystanders in this struggle for true freedom. It is time to flood the letter pages and join the protest line until the oppressors understand this country is really about you, the youths and not exclusively about the septuagenarians and octogenarians in power.

Sase Singh



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