Letter: Where is the younger generation of PNC leaders?


Dear Editor,

I read with interest that the PNC leadership duel is heating up in the lead-up to congress this year, but I want to know where are the youth representation in the leadership race?

Where are the bright and young people that this party has within its fold? Have they been silenced?

Why haven’t they jumped up and run for the top three post in the PNC? Is it because they are too shy, or are they afraid? What is the deal with the Thandi McAllisters, Christopher Joneses, Amanza Walton-Desirs, Ganesh Mahipauls, Annette Fergusons, and Vanessa Kissoons of our time?

I will seek to tell you what is going on, if they are not man enough or woman enough to tell your readers what is going down. I think the old guards and big wigs are blocking them and consuming all the attention.

The PNC is a party that does not give any youthful or youth-spirited individuals a chance to lead. It stifles all their talents and ideas with the internal political rancor and bitterness.

We saw it with the Kissoon/Solomon issue, and Thandi McAllister said it best when leaving the party: “After very careful and agonising consideration, I concluded that the present direction of the leadership is ill-suited to the fulfilment of the aspirations of young people in Guyana, the enhancement of the party’s supporters, and the advancement of the nation.”

That explains the quietness and silence from the defunct Guyana National Youth and Student Movement and its so-called leaders. Youths are a main part that will have their say in the PNC primaries and congresses. The youth vote basically makes up 41% of the voting population come 2025. If the PNC refuses its youths in this manner and only puts old faces and elderly comrades to the polls, it will no doubt have a lethargic and lax energy right up to the polls. PNC can never win elections again with this crop of old, racist, tired and spent men.

Could some younger people please offer up themselves for the post of leader?

Yours truly,
Suraj Singh